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Lake Washington High School
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Counseling Center
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Counselors are assigned according to the students last name.

Lake Washington High School is the oldest of the seven high schools in Lake Washington School District. LWHS is accredited by the Pacific Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools and the Washington State Department of Education. The school competes in athletics and activities as a 3A school. There are approximately 1804 full-time students attending Lake Washington High School in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. A class size limit of 32 exists for most courses. In an effort to provide more personalization and student support, our schedule includes homeroom and Roo Time/tutorial each week. 

LWHS offers strong academic, elective, and vocational programs with an emphasis on utilizing technology to enhance learning. LWHS has wireless access and each student is issued his or her own laptop and uses the district management system to access digital resources on a regular basis. All classrooms are equipped with interactive screens, document cameras, and voice amplification systems.

Clubs & Activities 
More than 30 clubs and more than 10 interest groups are offered for student engagement. 

The following is a brief sampling of some of our clubs and activities:

  • ASB/Student Government
  • Beta Club
  • Key Club 
  • Cheerleading   
  • Math Club
  • Drama
  • Loyalty 
  • DECA 
  • National Honor Society
  • Robotics
  • Model United Nations 
  • Diversity Action Team 

In addition to the clubs and activities that students can elect to join, LWHS offers a full range of athletics and robust vocal and instrumental music programs. 

LWHS offers a wide variety of classes designed to meet the needs of our diverse student body. In addition to the regular academic program offerings, the school offers a rigorous advanced academic curriculum for capable students. 

Honors Classes: 

  • Freshman English 
  • Honors Algebra 2 
  • Sophomore English (grades 9 and 10) 
  • Biology 
  • UW Composition & Literature (grades 11 and 12) 

Advanced Placement Classes: 

  • Language and Composition Environmental Science
  • Literature and Composition US History 
  • Calculus AB & BC American Government             
  • Statistics World History 
  • Chemistry Psychology 
  • Biology 2-D Art and Design 
  • Physics 1 & 2 Drawing 
  • Spanish Language Seminar 
  • Computer Science A Research 
  • Computer Science Principles 

Academic Support 
Academic support classes are also available to students who require additional support and/or a program modification to realize success in their school program. While special education students are primarily integrated into regular classes, support classes are available in English, Math, and organizational skills. 

Elective Classes 
In addition to the strong regular, honors, and AP curriculums, students may also enroll in a variety of academic elective courses and on-campus elective/vocational programs including: 

  • Fine Arts (Visual, Theater, Musical) 
  • Technology 
  • Business Education Marketing 
  • Family & Consumer Science 

CTE Dual Credit Classes 
Students enrolled in these classes can receive both high school and college credit. 

WANIC Classes 
WANIC courses provide students with alternative education choices combining business-education partnerships at several off-campus locations. Students taking WANIC classes learn specialized skills in programs such as Radio and TV Broadcasting, Hotel Careers, Fire Service Training, and more. 

Graduation Requirements 
In order to graduate from Lake Washington School District in 2020, students must have a minimum of 24 credits, meet State standards in ELA (English Language Arts) and Math, and formulate a High School & Beyond Plan. 

Subject Credits Required 

  • English 4.0 
  • Science 3.0 
  • Math 3.0 
  • Social Studies 3.0 
  • World Language 2.0 
  • Fine Arts 2.0 
  • P.E. 1.5 
  • Occupational/CTE 1.0 
  • Health .5 
  • Electives 4.0 

LWHS has a 7-period day and operates on a modified block schedule. One-half credit is granted for satisfactory completion of each course that meets for the semester/18 weeks. A passing grade is “D.” Students who qualify for Special Education may receive an “S” or “P” grade per their IEP. 
LWHS does not rank, and grades are not weighted. 

Transcript Grading Scale 
A 4.0 
B+ 3.3 
B 3.0 
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3 
C 2.0
C- 1.7 
D+ 1.3
D 1.0 
F 0.0 

Running Start:
Running Start is a program where juniors and seniors can enroll in classes at local community colleges. These classes satisfy both high school graduation requirements and can be applied towards the AA Degree. 

ACT and SAT: 
Students at LWHS consistently score higher than the state and national averages on both the ACT and SAT. 

The SAT mean scores for the Class of 2019: 

  • ERW w/ Essay 627
  • Math 630 

The ACT mean scores for the Class of 2019: 

  • English - 26.1
  • Math - 25.3
  • Reading - 26.4
  • Science - 25.1

ACT Composite Score - 25.9

Student Achievements 
In the Class of 2019:

  • 60 graduates received the President’s Education Award for Academic Excellence
  • 123 graduates were awarded the Washington State Honors Award 
  • 23 outstanding seniors were presented the Washington State Principals’ Scholars Award
  • 1 National Merit Finalist & 7 Commended students. 

Plans After Graduation
Our 2019 graduates’ post-secondary plans included: 

  • 63% - 4 Year Colleges/Universities 
  • 29% - 2 Year Community/Technical Colleges 
  • Students also chose to join the military, take a gap year, or enter the work force. 

Lake Washington High School 
Lake Washington School District 

College Visits
We invite representatives of colleges and universities to visit our school and meet with interested students. These meetings are held in our College and Career Center.

Colleges, to arrange a visit, please contact our College & Career Specialist  at 425-936-1710.