LWHS is a school with a history of excellence. Choosing the right courses that align to your future is an important step in achieving your goals. We encourage you to think deeply about your choices and if necessary plot out a multi-year plan. We continually revise our course options to meet student interest. 

  • Courses offered at LWHS
  • National Honor Society
  • LWHS has an award winning Music Department
  • STEM School Signature Programs Open to Students from other LWSD High Schools
  • Students from the four comprehensive high schools in Lake Washington School District who are in their junior or senior year are eligible to take a signature program at the STEM School in 2014-15. The STEM High School Signature programs available to eleventh graders are Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Design, and Forensics/Psychology. The STEM High School Signature programs available to twelfth graders are Biomedical Engineering and Advanced Physics/Global Engineering. For information, visit the STEM School website.