Registration 2024-2025 | Registration Timeline

Week of January 29th-Feb. 2nd:

Counselors visit classrooms to review transcripts, graduation requirements, and registration instructions.

Registration portal opens Friday, Feb. 2nd at 3:30 p.m. and remains open until Friday, February 9th at midnight. Students may enter their course requests or make changes to course requests in Skyward at any time during the open portal period.

Step-by-step registration instructions are posted here.

Week of February 5th-9th, Monday-Friday:

Counselors will be available in the College and Career Center during lunches to answer registration questions and assist students in the portal as needed. Students may turn in their registration forms to the counseling office throughout the week or to their homeroom teacher.

Roo A on Friday, February 9th: Students are given the opportunity to complete their registration in the portal during Roo A if they have not already done so. Homeroom teachers collect registration forms from students.

Step by Step Registration Instructions

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