Enrollment / Withdrawal

Enrollment Information

  1. Check the School Assignment & Bus Finder to determine proper school placement. 

  2. Download our Registration Package or request one in the Counseling Center.

  3. Please contact the Registrar, Sarah Mebust, for a registration appointment.

  4. Request withdrawal paperwork from current High School.

Additional enrollment information can be found on our District's website.

Withdrawal Information

Visit the Counseling Office to inform the Registrar, Sarah Mebust, and your Counselor of your intent to withdrawal before your last day of attendance to receive your Withdrawal Form.

To complete your Withdrawal Form you will need:

  1. Parent/Guardian Signature

  2. Visit each of your classes and have your teacher Grade & Sign Withdrawal Form.

  3. Library: Return your books, computer and charging cord to the library.

  4. Office: Visit the Cashier's window before school or during lunch to verify that your account is current. 

  5. Parking Pass: Return to Cashier

  6. Cafeteria: Visit before school or during lunch to verify that your account is current.

  7. Orca Card: Return to Sherri Schneider.

  8. Return completed Withdrawal Form to Sarah Mebust in the Counseling Office.