Summer Reading

Incoming Freshmen and AP Language Summer Reading Selections
AP Language Summer Reading

Incoming Freshmen Summer Reading 2016 ​

Why Read?

The Lake Washington learning community encourages all of its students to develop into thoughtful, avid readers. With this aim, we are asking all incoming freshmen to read one book from the Evergreen Book List and complete the following assignment. You may view this whole assignment in this visual Sway:

What to Read?

Choose ONE of the following books.Each of these books has been nominated for an Evergreen Book Award for next year. If you choose to read two of them, you can then vote for which one should receive the award next spring!

·Alexander, Kwame: The Crossover

·Han, Jenny: To All the Boys I've Loved Before

·Johnston, E.K.: The Story of Owen; Dragonslayer of Trondheim

·Rawl, Paige: Positive (Non-Fiction)

·Reedy, Trent: Divided We Fall

·Ritter, R. William: Jackaby

·Sheinkin, Steve: The Port Chicago 50 (Non-Fiction)

·Walters, Eric: The Rule of Thre3

·Whaley, John Core: Noggin

·Wilson, G. Willow: Ms. Marvel (Graphic Novel)

Where Do We Get the Books?

These books represent a diverse group of genres and topics. We hope students will enjoy the book they select so much that they will purchase it. The King County Library also has copies of these books that students can check out. Finally, the library at LWHS is making some copies available for summer checkout next month at the middle school. First come first served!

Keep reading!

What to Write about Reading?

Divide your book into approximately 3 sections of equal length. As each section is read, record a page of notes that reflect your reactions to your chosen book.

·Are you enjoying the reading? Why or why not?

·What major themes, ideas or commentary on modern life emerge through the writing?

·Are you learning anything new from your reading?

·Copy down some favorite passages from your book and the page numbers on which they appear. Choose at least three from each section.

Be prepared to discuss your book using your notes the first week of your fall semester at Lake Washington.

We value your integrity.Plagiarism and cheating will result in an irrevocable score of zero.

Looking for a Challenge?Planning to Take Honors English? Complete the Honors Challenge:

If you wish to get honors credit for summer reading, then take your reading one step further. Using one of the themes of the novel you read, and that you identified in your notes, find a real-life example from the news that offers interesting comparisons to that theme. Print and read an article (newspaper, magazine, blog, etc.) about that example.

Next, write a one- to two-page comparative analysis of how this “real-life” example reflects the theme of the novel that you read. Please make sure it is typed and double-spaced. Use at least one quotation from the novel, and one quotation from the article to support your ideas.Include a “Works Cited” list at the end.