Honors Sophomore English Summer Assignment

This summer, all future Honors Sophomore English students are being tasked with obtaining and reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and responding to one essay prompt. Below, you can access the prompts and guidelines for the essay questions. It’s highly recommended that you read through the prompts several times before beginning the novel, and that you refer back to them as you read to motivate any connections, discoveries, or questions you have concerning the novel. We encourage you to take notes and annotate the novel in any manner you are comfortable with. We are excited to discuss this novel with you when we meet in September. Until then, don’t delay on starting the reading. We hope you enjoy it!


If you have any concerns with the assignment, please contact us. However, please keep in mind that during the summer there may be a longer response time than when school is in session.

Mr. Macomber - mmacomber@lwsd.org & Mr. Marsh – cmarsh@lwsd.org

English 10 Summer Assignment