ASB & Student Council

What is ASB all about?

The Lake Washington High School Associated Student Body (ASB) is made up of both elected and appointed officials who run the student government.

Students in this group manage the student body finances, plan all events such as prom and Homecoming, and work on building positivity in the school.

Class Elections & Commissioner Elections Information 

  1. Class elections – each grade has a president, vice president, secretary, and treasure. Each position is determined by 34% student vote, 33% teacher recommendation, and 33% interview results. Candidates who lost ASB elections may also run for class if they choose. 
  2. Commissioner appointment – there are many commissioner roles in the class. General commissioners are assigned work throughout the year, but other more specific positions include technology, diversity, spirit, service, recognition, and LINK crew commissioner. Students are selected for these roles based on 50% teacher recommendations and 50% interview results. 

If you are interested in running for a position or applying to be a commissioner, email Mr. Grundl for more information.  Follow us on Instagram!

2024-2025 ASB Officers and Advisors