2021-2022 Clubs & Interest Groups

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LWHS Clubs Meeting During Virtual Learning

Below are the LWHS Clubs that met during virtual learning.
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Please contact the Club adviser for information on how to join.
Club Name
In the American Civil Liberties Union club, we will discuss modern day topics, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, women's rights, and more! Our goal is to generate awareness within our community as well as create a difference in other peoples' lives.
Ronica Wilson
American Sign Language
Get even more experience with sign language and extra chances to perform and learn.
Amanda Layton
Art Club
Art club is a safe space where artists can share their artwork, get critiqued, and ask for suggestions (optional)
Dawn Wyatt
Beta Club
Beta Club is an academic organization dedicated to bettering our school and community through numerous independent and club sponsored volunteer events. LWHS's Beta Club offers three levels of membership ranging from 10-16 hours of community service per year to provide accessibility for everyone!
Melissa Mittan
Black Student Union
A place for support of our Black students at LW. A new club starting up soon!
CJ Green
Book Club
Come join us on Teams to talk about books, talk about authors, talk about the weather or whatever is on your mind!
Liz Courage
Cereal Enthusiasts
The name says it all – we love cereal, so we eat and rate cereal.
Justin Hopkins
Civic Engagement
Our mission is to create a safe and welcoming environment in order to discuss local and global issues, act for change through volunteering and hands-on engagement, and explore our personal values and interests.
Kelly Conroy
Everything business related – DECA runs our student store, competes in competition, and does much more!
CJ Green
We are a community that engages, empowers and equips athletes and students to grow stronger in their personal and spiritual lives.
Andy Arena
Feminist Club
Feminist Club is an organization dedicated to promoting equality for all both locally and globally.  Students discuss current events and ways to promote equality within our school and community.  Everyone is welcome!
Melissa Mittan
Amy Sullivan
Everything related to personal finance, the stock market, and more.
Anna Joyce
Girls Who Code
Change the image of what a programmer does and looks like. Participate in competitions and learn how to code.
Get prepared for CS classes. Become a coder next year!
Liz Courage
Green Team
Our environmental club. Focused on sustainability and protecting our environment especially related to our waste at LW.
Nick Verbanic
Talk about hiking and adventuring with others who love the outdoors.
Kristen Dominici
Future health professionals of America club. Participate in a club geared around preparing future healthcare workers for their careers. 
Ashley Zydel
Kristen Dominici
Junior States of America
The Junior States of America (JSA) was created by and for young people interested in what happens around them - from politics, to how government works, and contributing to their community.
Terry Terich
Our mission is to promote a positive and inclusive environment for students and a provide a chance to just relax and discuss well-being with peers.
Amy Sullivan
Key Club
A community service club at LW that partners with Kiwanas and focuses on outreach and service in the greater Kirkland community as well as LW.
Lynne Luckey
Latino Peer Council
Latino Peer Council provides opportunities for students to engage in their community, discover how college/university is possible with financial aid and scholarships, visit college/university campuses, connect with local professionals in our community, and learn leadership skills that prepare students for future success.
Alexis Hulet
Math Club
Learn more about math and practice with your friends.
Dean Willis
Model UN
Model UN is a club that helps students understand the United Nations and contemporary international issues. Students are encouraged to be better global citizens through in-club debates and discussions as well as by attending national conferences that emphasize collaboration and cooperative resolution of conflict.
Brenna Mahoney
National Honor Society
National Honor Society is the country's largest service club and it looks great on a college application. Membership is by application only and freshmen are not eligible. Become part of a nationally recognized and prestigious organization. Give back to your community, meet like-minded students, and plan for your future! NHS recognizes students for their exemplary scholarship, service, leadership, and character. We affirm our values and our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.
Bethany Shoda
Philosophy Club is a group of students who meet to discuss philosophers, philosophical questions, and current ethical dilemmas.  We participate each year in the Washington State High School Ethics Bowl!  Students not only gain friends, but also critical thinking and public speaking skills!  No experience necessary--all are welcome.
Alexis Hulet
Fun Photo Shoots with friends. Virtual Gallery Walks. Enter State and National Photo Competitions.
Kim Wacker
Pouch (School Newspaper)
Students have the choice of writing, editing, taking photos, and sketching. We are always excited to hear new ideas! Our number one goal is to have fun, we are passionate in what we do. We hope to see you there!
Liz Courage
Build robots, learn about building robots and design, compete against other schools, and much more. 
Liz Sirjani
Sexuality & Gender Alliance (Saga)
Saga is a place for every student, freshmen and seniors a like. We are a bullying and hate free zone. We welcome newcomers and their ideas, and we offer a supportive environment where people can receive the help and support that they need.
Kyle Maddex
Theatre Club
Theatre club puts on performances of plays and musicals, but is also a fun place to talk about theatre and is the home of our improv team.
Morgan Heetbrink
Theatre Tech Club
Do you like working hard as part of a small, close, team and doing amazing things without anyone knowing who did it or how?   Join us doing lighting, sound, building sets, and running things backstage for events in the theater.
Mark Staiff
Urban Gardening
Learn how to plant, take care of a garden, and try out your newly acquired skills!
Jessica Butterfield

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Anime & Manga Art
Art Club
Black Students United for Excellence     
Book Club
Cereal Club
Creative Writing
Culture Club
Diversity Action Team
Gaming Gathering
Girls Who Code
Green Team 
Key Club
Kare Club
Latino Peer Council
Link Crew
Model UN           
National Honor Society 
Pouch (School Newspaper)
Spike Ball            
Urban Gardening