Take a look at all the clubs and interest groups we have to offer, sorted by day of the week.

Please note we do our best to keep this list current but there can be some modifications throughout the year.  Check back for updates.

For questions about Clubs at LWHS, please contact Zach Grundl.

2019-2020 Clubs


Clubs Time Location Email
Black Students United for Excellence 2:50pm 173
Model UN 3:00pm 371
LIBERTY 2:57pm 172
SAGA  3:00pm 162
Astronomy 2:50pm 164
Anime & Manga Art 2:50pm 238
Culture Club 3:05pm 330
Kind Club 2:50pm 272
Key Club 3:00pm Portable 4
Spike ball  3:00pm Gym/Field


Clubs Time Location Email
Poetry 3:00pm 271
Philosophy 2:50pm 173
Architecture 3:00pm 243
National Honor Society before & after school Library
Pouch (School Newspaper) 2:50pm Library
DECA 2:50pm 231
Math 3:00pm 339


Clubs Time Location Email
Loyalty 7:15am 247
Urban gardening 3:00pm 167
Beta 1:00pm 273


Clubs Time Location Email
Diversity Action Team ROO Time


Clubs Time Location Email
Feminist  2:50pm 271
Gaming Gathering 2:50pm 273
French 3:00pm Portable 6
Theatre 2:50pm Theatre
Symphony 3:00pm 109