Letter from the Athletic Director

Dear LWHS Community,

Of late, we have seen our COVID-19 case rates on a steady rise. As a result, the WIAA is now considering a further re-arrangement of the athletics season. Athletic directors around the state learned yesterday that more information will be provided following the WIAA Executive Board meeting on November 17th. The intent is to avoid cancelling sports seasons. Instead, they may move lower-risk sports to the first of the abbreviated seasons while moving some higher risk sports later in the spring, in order to give more time for the COVID-19 case rates to decline to levels at which interscholastic competitions could take place.  As the rise has forced the Lake Washington School District to “pause” the plans to return our Kindergartners to campus, it has similarly “paused” our hopes of allowing in-person conditioning and sports drills.

The past 7 months have been quite challenging for all of us. We have witnessed the cancellation of sports seasons last spring, followed by delayed sports seasons this fall. It is easy to lose hope. I would urge you - students and parents alike - to NOT lose hope and instead to focus on doing everything possible in the present to allow for a safe restart of LWHS Athletics in the future. Each of us can make a difference, by our actions and our attitudes. Here are some suggested ways to do that:

  • Encourage - and MODEL - adherence to the science-based guidelines designed to control the spread of disease (frequent handwashing, diligent wearing of masks, social distancing, etc.).
  • Avoiding large gatherings and situations where adherence to the guidelines is unlikely.
  • Keep a positive attitude - we grow through the challenges we face, and there is A LOT of opportunity for growth in this. Kangs are aLWays rising, and that includes right now.
  • Stay healthy - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Be mindful of these areas and reach out for help in addressing your needs in any of them.
  • Stay connected - engage in your schoolwork, students, and encourage your friends and teammates to do the same. Your amazing teachers are working diligently to provide an exceptional remote learning environment, so please reciprocate by immersing yourself in the learning opportunities.
  • Spread the love. The Kang community is skilled at this. Reach out, check-in, and take care of each other, even if that is only via remote methods. Pick up the telephone and give a friend a call (yes, using your voice, not your texting/social media apps!). It will be good for both of you.

I appreciate all your efforts to help lower the COVID-19 case rates in our region. Every person truly makes a difference in the larger effort. Once the rates come down to acceptable levels, I look forward to announcing the restart of our athletic programs. In the meantime, please register for athletics via “Final Forms” here: https://lakewashington-wa.finalforms.com .  Having all potential athletes registered assists us in planning and communicating updates regarding our sports.

LWHS Athletic Director

Athletics Booster Club Information

The LWHS PTSA and Booster Club/Athletic Dept are teaming up for an informative session on Weds 12/2 @ 7pm so you can get the latest on the status of sports and the role of booster clubs at LWHS. It’s been a crazy year and we know you’re curious.  This virtual meeting will give you an opportunity to hear from our Athletic Director, Booster Club President, Athletic Trainer and a few of our coaches too!  New and seasoned parents welcome.  You can submit questions ahead of time to: president@lwhsboosters.org .

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