You may pay the participation fee online or with the Cashier – Before School and during LUNCH.


  • Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball is a CUT Sport. Payment for Participation Fee will not be accepted until your student is placed on the team.
  • Gymnastics, Wrestling, and Boys’ Swim must pay the Participation Fee before processing in the Athletics Office.
Clearance will not be issued if there is missing information such as signatures, insurance info, forms, or physicals not valid for the season.
Physicals are valid for 24 months and need to be current for the ENTIRE SEASON. An athlete that has a physical expiring mid-season will not be eligible to participate/try-out until a new physical is submitted.

Running Start, Choice Schools or Home School students need to submit a copy of their previous semester grades
Please plan ahead and do not wait until the first day of practice/tryouts to clear. Missing forms, signatures, payment and/or sports physicals not valid to the end of season will result in clearance not being issued and the athlete missing first day of practice/tryouts.

Sports Schedules