Counseling Center

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M-F 7-3:30

LWHS Counseling Center experiences a very high volume of emails and calls each August due to interest in course planning and schedules. This volume does not allow us to offer individual family sit-down appointments regarding course selection. Thank you for your patience.


Students will be able to view their first semester schedule on the first day of school. Every effort was made to provide students with a schedule that includes both their required core classes as well as their requested electives. At this time, most classes are full which means that we will be able to accommodate very few schedule changes.

Please keep in mind that students must remain in assigned classes for the first 2 days of school unless:

  • The schedule has a definite error or conflict. (i.e. two classes are scheduled during the same period or a core requirement is missing.)
  • Student failed a world language or math course last year and needs to repeat it.
  • The schedule has fewer than 7 classes. All freshman, sophomores and juniors must have 7 classes. There are no open periods, only seniors may qualify for late arrival or early dismissal.

New Student Registration

New students should complete the registration paperwork found on our Enrollment/Withdrawal page.

Please contact the Registrar for an enrollment appointment. 

How can I see my counselor?

I am a student

As a Student,  how can I meet with my counselor? 

  • Stop by the Counseling Center and sign up on your Counselors Clipboard to request an appointment.

  • Email your counselor.

  • If it is an emergency please let the secretary or other counselor know.

I am a parent/guardian

As a parent/guardian, how can I make an appointment with my student's counselor?

  • Email your student's counselor to request an appointment.
  • Call 425-936-1702 

Counseling Center Staff


Other Staff

Sarah Mebust        - Registrar & Counseling Secretary

Main: 425-936-1702

Fax:  425-936-1750  

Allison Henry         - School Psychologist

Sandy Hearn         - BECCA Specialist

Angela Jalobeanu - Data Processor

Melanie Conroy     - College & Career Specialist 425-936-1710

Cory Lane              - Youth Eastside Services Prevention Interventionist

Lindsay McMeins  - Evergreen Health Social Worker