College Application Information

Students are encouraged to submit their applications early and not wait until deadlines.    Remember, December 3  is the cutoff date to request transcripts and to request the counselor complete any online School Report Form (i.e. through Common Application, SENDedu, Coalition) for January 1 due dates.  

Directions for transcript submission are printed on the request form (available in the Counseling Center) and are also explained on LW’s website at the bottom of this page.  

Students are reminded that the Counseling Center will be closed for winter break from 3:30 pm on Friday, December 21, 2018 until 7:30 am on Monday, January 7, 2019.   During this time, we are unable to respond to emails or phone calls, so please advise your senior student to have his/her college application questions answered prior to the winter closure.


Lake Washington High School Senior Information 2018-2019


Class size:                                        409

Weighted/Unweighted:             Unweighted

Class rank:                                       No class rank this year

Graduation date:                           June 17, 2019

Counselor Info:

AAA-COM                                         Lenore Gallucci       

CON-FIC                                            Cameron Miller         

FID-KAR                                            Toby Doyle                 

KAS-MUD                                         Taylor Reuhl              

MUE-SHE                                          Sara Burdick              

SHF-ZZZ                                            Marilyn Hargraves   


Request Forms:

Letter of Recommendation

Transcript Request (current student)

Transcript Request (former student)