Running Start

Steps to enroll in a Running Start Program

Becoming a Running Start student is a big decision and being a college student during your high school years is not for everyone. We encourage you to have a brief discussion with your counselor about what running start entails. You should thoroughly research this option online before attending a community college informational meeting. This will help determine if you are ready for college level work during your junior and/or senior years.

The counseling department will be holding informational sessions on Running Start for students who are interested on March 1st at 2:30 P.M. in the Career center and on March 15th at 9:30 A.M. (ROO Time) in the Career Center as well.

Part of attending a college program earlier than most of your peers is being able to email teachers, professors, counselors and advisors, fill out applications and forms, stay organized and being able to ask for help when needed. All community colleges have their own application system and deadlines you need to be familiar with.

After your initial meeting with counselor in regards to your interest in Running Start, you should work to complete steps 1-4 before scheduling a follow up appointment with your counselor and parent/guardian to discuss Running start options and sign paperwork.

Step 1 - Attend an informational session at the community college campus

Step 2 - Complete the online community college application

Step 3 - Set up your community college email

Step 4 - Take the placement assessment in English and Math or provide the community college proper placement information

Once Steps 1-4 are complete, then you can make an appointment to meet with your counselor.At this meeting, we will go over everything that running start entails and the process for completing the enrollment verification form (Running Start EVF form) each quarter. It is required that a parent/guardian attend this meeting. Meetings can be scheduled before school (7:30-8am) or after school (2:30-3pm).

Step 5 - Setup a meeting with your high school counselor to sign the verification form along with LWHS Running Start documents

Step 6 - Attend the orientation class to sign up for your classes at the community college

Below are links to help you find more information about the Running Start enrollment process:

Bellevue College

Phone: 425.564.2026 Email:

Cascadia College

Phone: 425.352.8146 Email:

Edmonds Community College

Phone: 425.640.1761 Email:

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Phone: 425.739.8107 Email:

Shoreline Community College

Phone: 206.546.6906