Summer School

You can take summer school through LWSD or do an online class over the summer to replace your grade.

1) LWSD Summer school:
Be sure to take the correct class you want to replace. Example: 2nd semester of Advanced Algebra 2 (semester 1 will not grade replace semester 2)

2) Online Class: forms are attached, approval is needed before you start the class. Also again, it’s important to do the correct class for grade replacement.

Friendly reminders about online classes:
• Online courses take longer than expected and can be more challenging logistically than students realize (about 6-12 weeks long at the quickest, but I’ve heard it taking others months to complete)
• Require high self-motivation and time management
• About 50% of students who start online courses actually successful complete the courses
• You must find a proctor to take your tests, unless the company you go through offers to proctor them for you

The class and original grade will stay on your LWHS transcript, but once you grade replace (upon request, it’s not automatic) we will zero out the credit so it won’t affect your overall GPA and the new grade will.