AP - Exams

NEW!  Registration for Advanced Placement Exams

If you plan to take an AP Exam, registration will run from October 14  through the end of last lunch on October 25.   Students can pick up a registration packet from their AP teacher or from the Counseling Center beginning October 8.  Included in this packet are the registration envelope and an information handout.  The cost is $96 per exam; the cost for AP Seminar or AP Research is $144 per exam.  

Payment can be made one of two ways:  
For those paying by check:  Students will return the envelope with the test fee enclosed to our bookkeeper.  Students pay at the window by the end of last lunch on October 25.   Checks are made payable to Lake Washington School District.  Students need their school ID card with them when they pay for their exams.  Registration is now complete.

For those students paying online:  Parents pay through the LWSD Online Payments Portal.  Students paying on line must print a copy of their receipt, place it in the completed envelope, and turn it in to Counseling or the bookkeeper by 1:30 pm on October 25.    Registration will not be considered complete until we receive the envelope with receipt inside.

If students are unsure whether they should test, they should, of course, check with their individual subject teachers. 

Late registration will run from February 18 – February 27; there will be a $50 per exam late fee.  Details on the late AP registration process will be available in December.  After February 27, we will not accept any registrations.  

Advanced Placement exams are scheduled for May 4 through May 15.