Counseling Center Staff


Other Staff

Sarah Mebust        - Registrar & Counseling Secretary

Main: 425-936-1702

Fax:  425-936-1750  

Allison Henry         - School Psychologist

Sandy Hearn         - BECCA Specialist

Angela Jalobeanu - Data Processor

Melanie Conroy     - College & Career Specialist 425-936-1710

Cory Lane              - Youth Eastside Services Prevention Interventionist

Lindsay McMeins  - Evergreen Health Social Worker

How can I see my counselor?


As a Student,  how can I meet with my counselor? 

  • Stop by the Counseling Center and sign up on your Counselors Clipboard to request an appointment.

  • Email your counselor.

  • If it is an emergency please let the secretary or other counselor know.


As a parent/guardian, how can I make an appointment with my student's counselor?

  • Email your student's counselor to request an appointment.
  • Call 425-936-1702