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Andrea Frost, Prevention Intervention Specialist

Youth Eastside Services
Lake Washington High School

Substance Use & Prevention Support Groups for Students—Days/Times to be determined

First steps to participate: contact your school counselor, call or email Andrea at 425-747-4937 x2721 or (encrypted email)

Recovery Group
For students who are working toward or are in recovery from substance use. Learn healthy coping skills and tools, along with mindfulness strategies on how to support present and future goals of not using substances. Ongoing group, can join at any time.
Affected Others Group 
For students who are affected by others’ substance use (family or friends). Confidential space to explore and express feelings, build community and reduce feelings of isolation. Also a space to feel empowered and have fun. Ongoing group, can join at any time.
Quit Vaping Now Group  
For students who want to work towards not using nicotine products of any kind. Building motivation to quit by recognizing triggers, learning mindfulness strategies to reduce stress, and creating steps for success with realistic goals. 4 week series, ongoing group, can join at any time.


Youth Eastside Services