Youth Eastside Services

Andrea Frost, Prevention Intervention Specialist
Youth Eastside Services
Lake Washington High School
Services offered: 
Drop-in counseling/consultation hours are available to students, parents/caregivers and teachers/staff.
To register, please click on a link below for Tuesday or Wednesday.  You will then receive an email with information on how to join the virtual meeting.  Sessions are approximately 15 minutes each and if you want to, we can talk about setting up another time for a longer future visit.


Substance Use & Prevention Support Groups for Students—Days/Times to be determined

Recovery Group
For students who are working toward or are in recovery from substance use. Learn healthy coping skills and tools, along with mindfulness strategies on how to support present and future goals of not using substances. Ongoing group, can join at any time.
Affected Others Group 
For students who are affected by others’ substance use (family or friends). Confidential space to explore and express feelings, build community and reduce feelings of isolation. Also a space to feel empowered and have fun. Ongoing group, can join at any time.
Quit Vaping Now Group  
For students who want to work towards not using nicotine products of any kind. Building motivation to quit by recognizing triggers, learning mindfulness strategies to reduce stress, and creating steps for success with realistic goals. 4 week series, ongoing group, can join at any time.
First steps to participate in group: contact your school counselor, call or email Andrea at 425-747-4937 x2721 or (encrypted email)
Free Virtual Alcohol Drug Education Class (ADEC):
Held on a Saturday of each month from 9:30am-12:30pm is YES’ virtual ADEC. This is a great way for parents & students (age 12-19) to attend together to gain information on the dangers of current substance abuse trends, effects of substances on the developing body and brain (including the dangers of mixing substances), along with where to turn for help with substance abuse & mental health issues. Students will also gain tools and skills to make more informed decisions for their futures. Go to to register for this FREE educational opportunity for parents and students to attend together. Upcoming class dates are October 23, November 20, December 18, 2021




YES Counselor Andrea Frost - Alcohol Drug Education Class