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Welcome Future Freshmen and Families!

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Christine Bell | Welcome Future Freshmen!

YouTube | Future Freshmen Welcome

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Counseling Department Presentation

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Rick O'Leary | Athletic Director Presentation

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LWHS PTSA Presentation

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2023-2024 Future Freshman Night

Mark your calendars!
January 19, 2024
6:00-8:00 p.m.
More details to come!

Presentation & Forms

Homeschool | Choice School Registration

Parent Questions & Answers

Questions Answers
A student on Stem path: Can a student take Health over summer and opt for other PE/Fitness options in junior year (allowed by district) so as to try more electives without giving up yearlong Orchestra/band?

Students can take Health over the summer through WANIC;

The Health class is offered for students to earn their 0.5 Health credit, required for graduation.

For the Health class only, open spaces will be filled by giving first priority to rising 12th graders, then to rising 11th graders, then to rising 10th graders. After that, if there are still spaces available, all remaining applications will be run though a lottery system to determine placement.

Students may also take Health online.  Please talk to your middle school counselor about online classes.

All freshmen must take PE unless your student has an extenuating circumstance. If they wish to waive PE after that, they will work with their individual counselor. 

Can I skip World Language then take an AP next May?

If you wish to take an AP exam without taking the class, you will need to work with our testing coordinator about getting the test code.  However, AP exams do not take the place of the 2 credit world language requirement. 

If your student is proficient in another language, the district offers World Language competency test for credit.

My student is an 8th grader in Quest at Kamiakin MS but his home school is Rose Hill MS. Should they register online on Feb 7 with the Rose Hill 8th graders?

All Quest Kamiakin students will attend the March 16th in person registration presentation. 


When will registration for students coming from private schools start?  I see dates for Kirkland MS and Rose Hill, but not others.

All dates are posted here: 


  1. On the Counseling Presentation slideshow, they provide the Registration Presentation dates and the date when registration request forms are due. The presenter mentions that there is a follow up visit a week after the initial counselor visit, but for the Choice schools it shows both the presentation and due date as March 16. Is this a typo or do students have ample time to make course selection decisions?
  2. Also, does the later registration date impact class selection opportunities? Or does each student have equal opportunity to course selection?
  1. All students attending the March 16th registration will get the presentation and register on the same day.  Families will have access to the presentations ahead of time on our website and counselors will be available to answer questions on that day.
  2. No. Registration is not first come, first served. These are only requests until schedules are finalized over the summer.
  1. Difference between Biology and Biology Honors?  It appears that all freshmen registers for the same Biology, but pathway gets split.  Will there be exam to determine? 
  2. Can freshmen register for Robotics 2 (a full year course?). It appeared in the course catalog as NO prerequisites for grades 9-12 but NOT under freshman electives list.
  1. All freshmen register for Biology, and Biology Honors is determined within the class.
  2. You must take Robotics 1 before taking Robotics  
Can you sign up for an honors class and then switch to normal class, if the honors class too hard? Yes. Please discuss this with your teacher and your counselor if you need to make this change.  Changes to your schedule need to be made within the schedule window at the start of the semester. 

Do honors and non-honors students’ study in the same class?

For ENGLISH and MATH they are separate classes, but for SCIENCE they are in the same classes.
Can you explain what CADR classes mean? Click here for more information
Do you recommend finishing all PE/Health, Art, CTE, and World Language requirements in 9/10 grade or to do it in later school years instead? This is up to the individual student, but students may not always get the electives they chose as LW is a very large high school with a very tight schedule. 
I noticed that the registration for Kamiakin is more than a month after the other schools. Will this later registration affect my student's chances of getting into the classes he signs up for? No.  Registration is not first come, first served. These are only requests until schedules are finalized over the summer.
I'm currently taking Algebra 1. I'm interested in Computer Science path and would like to have six math credits when I graduate. I was wondering whether there is a way for me to take Geometry before the beginning of next year, allowing me to take Algebra 2 next year. If there is a way, what is the procedure? Yes. Please see your Middle School Counselor about taking online courses.
I noticed AP Computer Science Principles (CDM913) shows up in the catalog twice. In one of the descriptions, it said that a prerequisite was Geometry, while the other description said the prerequisite was Algebra 1. Which of these is the right one? (Page 13 - Algebra 1, Page 32 - Geometry). It is recommended you complete Algebra 1 first.
Will online students get assistance when registering for courses in Skyward, just like in person students? Is the process any different for online students?

Online students transferring back to in person will come to registration on March 16th in person, where counselors will be available to assist.