XELLO - High School & Beyond Plan

High School & Beyond Plan

What is the High School & Beyond Plan?

The High School and Beyond Plan is a robust and structured program for preparing students for life after high school. This is both a Washington State and Lake Washington School District graduation requirement. We use the Xello program to assist us in meeting the goals of this graduation requirement. These goals also reflect our mission that states, "Each student will graduate prepared to lead a personally fulfilling, responsible life as a contributing member of our community and greater society."

Inherent in that mission is the vision that:

  • Every student is prepared for college
  • Every student is prepared for the global workplace
  • Every student is prepared for personal success

The Staff

We are a team of 6 that guides lessons, provides supports and connects students with the Xello program. We are available for support during ROO Time and available by email. Please contact your advisor if you have any questions.

Important Dates


  • December 5th     - Sophomore Class Workshop (Commons)
  • December 12th   - Senior Class Workshop (Theater)
  • December 12th   - Junior Class Workshop (Theater)
  • January 9th        - Freshman Class Workshop (Commons)
  • March 19th         - All School Workshop (HR)
  • May 7th               - All School Workshop (HR)

Recommended deadlines can be found on PowerSchool

Workshops and individual support are available as needed as students request. Please email your class advisor for appointments and inquiries.  

The Work

Included below are the assignments students will complete to meet the High School & Beyond requirement.

Step 1

About Me

Each year starts with students updating their "About Me" followed by three assignments. 

Step 2

Assignments by Grade

9th Grade

  • Personality Styles
  • Exploring Career Factors
  • Getting Experience

10th Grade

  • Work Values
  • Career & Lifestyle Costs
  • Workplace Skills & Attitudes

11th Grade

  • Choosing a College
  • Career Demands
  • Entrepreneurial Skills

12th Grade

  • Career Back-up Plans
  • Job Interviews
  • Defining Success

Where is Xello?

Xello is a web-based program that can be found through logging in to PowerSchool. All students have detailed information and directions on their High School & Beyond Plan class page, located under the "Extras" tab.

From PowerSchool, student's are able to login to Xello through the "Apps" button.