Washington Network for Innovative Careers (WANIC)

Enroll in the Washington Network for Innovative Careers (WANIC) and prepare for a career before you leave Lake Washington High School. WANIC offers a board range of courses which can lead to certifications and college credit.

What is WANIC Skill Center?

WANIC Skill Center offers high quality tuition-free technical and professional training for high school Juniors and Seniors. These year-long, advanced-level Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are based on rigorous academic and industry standards and prepare students for career and college readiness. WANIC programs offer dual credit opportunities (both high school and college credit) and/or lead to industry certifications. Programs are designed in three period blocks allowing extended time to not only learn the theory of a subject, but to also get authentic hands-on lab experience. All classes earn Occupation Education high school credits and may offer other course equivalencies towards high school graduation requirements.

WANIC operates as a cooperative consortium of eight local school districts. Member districts are: Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Northshore, Riverview, and Snoqualmie Valley. WANIC serves as a branch campus of all area high schools providing programs that would normally not be offered in every comprehensive high school due to high operative and equipment costs or not enough student enrollment at the school. Instructor to student ratio is low in several skill center programs, allowing the Skill Center staff the time to get to know each student and address their unique learning styles. WANIC Skill Center is one of 14 Skill Centers in Washington State

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2022-23 WANIC Registration Now Open

WANIC Skill Center offers high quality tuition-free technical and professional training for high school Juniors and Seniors.

Current WANIC Skill Center Programs:

  • Automotive Technology PDF
  • Baking & Pastry PDF
  • Building Industry Technologies - CorePlus Construction PDF
  • Cisco Networking PDF
  • Culinary Arts PDF
  • Dental Careers PDF
  • DigiPen Art & Animation PDF
  • DigiPen Data Analytics & Visualization PDF
  • DigiPen Game Design PDF
  • DigiPen Music & Sound Design PDF
  • DigiPen Video Game Programming PDF
  • Fire & EMS PDF
  • Health Science Careers/Nursing PDF
  • Medical Careers PDF
  • Sports Medicine PDF

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How to Register for WANIC/Next Steps:

Students interested in WANIC should register for a full LWHS schedule during 22-23 registration.

1.    After the WANIC registration opens on February 2ndsubmit the WANIC application.

2.    In late spring, LWHS counselors and the College and Career Center will work with student to modify original schedule requests to accommodate a student’s WANIC schedule.

WANIC Summer registration opens in April.


Current WANIC Skill Center Programs

  • Automotive Technology
  • Baking & Pastry
  • Building Industry Technologies-CorePlus Construction
  • Cisco Networking
  • Culinary Arts
  • Dental Careers
  • DigiPen Art & Animation
  • DigiPen Data Analytics & Visualization
  • DigiPen Game Design
  • DigiPen Music & Sound Design
  • DigiPen Video Game Programming
  • Fire & EMS
  • Health Science Careers/Nursing
  • Medical Careers
  • Sports Medicine

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