LWHS Attendance Policies and Procedures

If your student needs to leave school early (for any reason), they must go to the Attendance Office to pick up a pass before leaving campus. 

To report an absence please do one of the following:

Extended Absence:

Parents and students, it is important that you understand that an extended absence from school places the student at a disadvantage in meeting course requirements. Our teachers will attempt to provide appropriate assignments in as much as is practical; however, in many cases it will be impossible to replicate or replace instruction that a student has missed. Teachers are not required to provide all class assignments before student leaves.

Becca Bill:

Because regular attendance is both an expectation and a critical component of student success, parents/guardians of students with excessive excused absences in a semester will be expected to contact our Becca Specialist Sandy Hearn at 425-936-1738 and provide documentation to verify the excessive excused absences.

As mandated by State Law, students who accumulate 5 unexcused absences in 30 days or 10 unexcused absences in a school year will be referred to the King County Juvenile Court System.