Senior Graduation Information

2024 Graduate Information

Graduation Date: June 14, 2024 (Time TBD)

Location: UW Alaska Airlines Arena

Letter of Recommendation Forms

Yearbook Information for Seniors (Class of 2024)

BABY ADS: DUE Friday January 5th BY 8:00PM

  • Baby Ads (Completed by Parents/Guardians) - These are FULLY optional. You are not required to complete one, but it is a fun memento for parents/guardians/families and seniors!
  • The link to purchase and complete can be found here. Select ‘Yearbook Recognition Ads’ and follow the instructions/steps.

SENIOR PHOTOS: DUE Friday January 5th BY 8:00 PM

  • Senior Portraits – Seniors are welcome to submit their Senior Photo to replace the typical school photo taken each year. This is also FULLY optional, but if you DO NOT take a school photo and DO NOT submit a senior photo, you will be listed on the Not Pictured list at the end of the Senior Section.
  • Instructions for submission can be found on the submission site and if the upload is not successful, your photo does not meet the requirements. The submission site can be found here.


  • Kang Kruisers – This is an annual tradition for senior students to show off their mode(s) of transportation (see the 2022-2023 Yearbook for inspiration of how to creatively participate – cars, roller blades, shopping carts, boats, skateboards, jet skis are just a few examples, but get creative!).
  • Date is TBD. This is a simple reminder to keep it on your radar.


  • Senior Signatures & Senior Quotes – If you have seen a previous Senior section, you may have noticed that seniors can include a special or favorite quote as well as their signature. Again, this is COMPLETELY optional, but feel free to start practicing your signature or looking up your quote. WE DO NOT ACCEPT TIME STAMPS FROM MOVIES OR TV SHOWS.
  • The due date for both will be mid-December before we head to Winter Break, this is a simple reminder to keep it on your radar and I will follow up closer to the due date.

Questions? Contact Justin Nipp, Yearbook Advisor

Confirm your Name for your Diploma & Graduation Program

Unlike transcripts, diplomas do not have to have your legal name printed. For example, if you go by your middle name rather than your legal first name, that can be reflected on your diploma. Or, if your last name is hyphenated but you only use one of the names on a regular basis, you can update that. 

If you would like your name printed differently on your diploma than it is shown in Skyward, please fill out this form no later than January 31st.  Please note: Unless otherwise directed, your name will be printed on your diploma and in the graduation program as First Middle Last. e.g. Joe Robert Smith.

Click here to check your name in Skyward

Cap & Gown Questions for Jostens

Jostens is LWHS's official Cap & Gown Supplier.  

Senior Week is Oct 30-Nov 3. 

Get Free shipping , and save $20 on a cap & gown ($52 instead of $72)

Jostens Lake Washington High School Store

Please contact Jostens directly.  They are happy to help!

Email or call 360-653-9102 

Senior Calendar of Events

October 27, 2023:  Senior Class Meeting, Roo B

October 30-Nov 3: Jostens Senior Week (special pricing/free shipping)

LWHS Graduation Honors Key*

*Honor Awards are subject to change from year to year.

Honor Cords:
  • Eligible students will receive an email informing them of their eligibility
  • Running Start students qualify for GPA & Departmental Honors
  • Eligibility requirements are noted below:
Cumulative GPA Honor Cords
Gold:  GPA 3.8-4.0
Silver: GPA 3.5-3.79
Department Honor Cords (White)
Departmental Honors- Students are selected based on criteria set by department chairs and departments (student is eligible to receive ONE cord, despite the number of departmental honors they qualify for). 

Additional Commendations will be presented at the Senior Awards Night on June 1st. Eligible students will receive an email invite to attend Senior Awards Night.

4.0 Pin
The 4.0 pin recognizes students who have maintained a 4.0 all four years of high School.
Golden Kang Medallion
This award recognizes students with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.85 or higher, 5 or more AP and/or UW classes (includes Running Start), and at least 1 activity (Honor Society, Leadership, Sports, Theater (if in the play or participated behind the scenes), Music (if student participated in concerts that took place outside the regular school day).
National Honor Society 
Must meet Honor Society criteria and be in good standing.
Student Leadership Award
This award recognizes leaders who have put others first in service to their school.
Principal's Award
This award recognizes those students who qualified as the top 5% of the class.
President's Award
This award is sponsored by the US Department of Education.  Its purpose is to recognize students with a cumulative GPA of 3.9 or higher and completed at least 75 percent of the credits required for graduation and was enrolled in at least three academic core subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, and Languages other than English) in Grade 12. 
Washington State Honors Award
The Washington State Honors Award is a state program that honors students with a GPA of 3.93 or higher, has completed 75% of credits required for graduation and enrolled in at least three academic core subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, and Languages other than English) in Grade 12. 
AP Capstone Diploma Candidate (Medallion)
Students who have passed four AP classes in addition to completing AP Seminar and AP Research and are eligible to receive the College Board’s distinguished Capstone Diploma.
AP Capstone Certificate Candidate

Students who have completed AP Seminar and AP Research and are eligible to receive the College Board’s Capstone Certificate.