Seniors (Class of 2021) | Graduation Information

2021 Graduate Information

Thank you to all who attended our graduation on June 9th at T-Mobile Park, and congratulations to all our graduates!

Graduation Pictures: Our photography company GradImages will be reaching out via email once pictures are ready for your review.  If you do not hear from them by June 18th, you can reach out to them here:  

Lost Items:  We did our best to collect caps, stoles, and other items that were left behind after the ceremony.  If your name was on it, it will be available for pick up during diploma distribution on June 16th. Otherwise, the items are being held at the main office and are available during normal school hours.

Diploma Update:
  • Diplomas will be available for pick up on the official last day of school (6/16/21) from 8:00-10:00 am and/or 1:00-3:00 pm.
  • Students with fines will not be able to pick up diplomas until fines are cleared.
  • Diplomas for Running Start students are not available until college grades are posted (typically at the end of June).
  • If you are a Running Start student and needed credits from spring quarter, your diplomas will not be available until July. 

Other Pick Up Times:
  • Tuesdays in July from 8:00 am - Noon in the Main Office
  • July 17-30 8:00-2:30 pm, M-F in the Counseling Office

LWHS Graduation Honors Key

  • Students who are eligible and/or earn a cord will receive them on June 8th (Senior Day)
  • Running Start students do not qualify for cords.
  • Eligibility requirements are noted below:
Cumulative GPA Honor Cords
Gold:  GPA 3.8-4.0
Silver: GPA 3.5-3.79
Department Honor Cords (White)
Departmental Honors- Students are selected from applications by department chairs and departments (every student is eligible to receive only ONE cord, despite the number of departmental honors they qualify for)
Honor Society (Blue)
Must meet Honor Society Criteria. 

Additional Commendations:

Golden Kang Medallion
Top % of class that have five or more AP classes and at least one activity or sport.
Principal's Award
This award recognizes those students who qualified as the top 5% based on GPA and SAT or ACT Scores
President's Award
This award is sponsored by the US Department of Education.  Its purpose is to recognize students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and placed in the 85th percentile or higher on the sub-scores of the SAT or ACT
Washington State Honors Award
The Washington State Honors Award is a state program that honors the top ten percent of the current year's Washington State high school graduating class. 
AP Capstone Diploma Candidate (Medallion)
Students who have passed four AP classes in addition to completing AP Seminar and AP Research and are eligible to receive the College Board’s distinguished Capstone Diploma.
AP Capstone Certificate Candidate

Students who have completed AP Seminar and AP Research and are eligible to receive the College Board’s Capstone Certificate.

2021 LWHS Graduation at T-Mobile Park | Official Recording

2021 Senior Salute Video

Senior Destination Day Video

Whether it's college, technical school, the military, an apprenticeship, a job, gap year or something else, Destination Day celebrates the many future directions of the Class of 2021.

In the spirit of Always Rising, we salute the Class of 2021!

This video celebrates all seniors in LWHS class of 2021 whether they submitted a picture or not