LWHS Yearbook Information 2020-2021


The second sales window for Yearbooks is here! The second sales window will run from Sunday January 17th – Sunday February 7th.  

  • Yearbooks will be available for $65 and can be purchased online through the LWSD Payment Portal. You can also log in to the Payment Portal to view your purchase history to double check if you’ve purchased during our first window.
  • Please make sure that you are purchasing an LWHS yearbook, it should say LWHS in the site column. Be mindful, if you purchase outside the dates of our designated window the site will automatically pull whatever school is selling at that time. You can purchase between January 17th and February 7th.
  • Additionally, yearbooks are NOT automatically included in the purchase of ASB, it is a separate purchase.
  • There WILL be a third sales window, but when it occurs will be dependent on if we are back in person or still remote. Details of that sales window will be available later this Spring, but DON’T WAIT, order your yearbook now!

2020-2021 Senior Yearbook and Picture Deadlines

National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award

Jostens National Yearbook Program of Excellence Image

Once again, our yearbook has been awarded the National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award! 

LWHS was one of only 2.5% of schools in the United States that Jostens works with to receive this distinction. 

The National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award was created to recognize those who excel in the creation and distribution of their yearbook, and meet the following criteria:

A Meaningful Book for All Students
A book that means something to all students and includes a vast majority of the student body.

A Book in Every Student's Hands
Schools put so much time, effort and love into their yearbook. We want to help ensure that as many students as possible get to enjoy the masterpiece that's created.

Effective Project Management
Meeting the yearbook deadlines is a very important part of the yearbook creation process, and ensures the delivery of books on time.

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 team for all the hard work!

LWHS Yearbook Masthead (2020-2021)

Co-Editor in Chief:  Allison Skalak
Co-Editor in Chief & Photography Editor:  Anna Fulton
Copy Editor:  Abby Neilson  
Production Editor:  Brandon Wen

Aliza Harris
Azejan Saribas
Adam Yusupov
Chloe Alexander
Colin Fulton
Chloe Thamrin
Emory Herbert
Ellie Pederson
Haracio Apodaca
Isabel Hines
Jillian Hines
Kaia Seno
Kasey Walenczak
Lilly Ryberg
Mia Gann
Mac Kurowski
Mia Smith
Melody Solis
Nya Maddox
Reem Abdulhameed
Rose Joubert
Shams Al Khazaali
Sarvia Lopez Orozco
Theo Gefflaut
Vivian Goodman