LWHS Yearbook Information 2023-2024

YEARBOOK Information

Yearbook Ordering: Reminders & Dates

  1. Unlike middle school, a yearbook is NOT included in the purchase of ASB, keep in mind, it is a separate purchase.  The Yearbook cost is $65
  2. Final pre-sales sales window: RIGHT NOW! January 22nd to February 16th
  3. Cost is $65 
  4. Purchase Online or through the Cashier before or after school and at lunch
  5. You can check at the Cashier before school and at lunch if you are unsure if you bought a yearbook already
  6. Unlike middle school, a yearbook is NOT included in the purchase of ASB, keep in mind, it is a separate purchase 
  7. You can make a purchase online through the Payment Portal, here (January 22 – February 16) or you can purchase in person from the bookkeeper before or after school or during lunch with a check or cash. It is helpful to keep a record of your purchase, so you do not stress out when the reminder emails come
  8. *I cannot check if you have purchased a Yearbook. Please email our bookkeeper,

    Payment Portal:

Questions? Contact Justin Nipp, Yearbook Advisor

LWHS Yearbook Masthead (2023-2024)

Jillian R. Behrman
Cameryn K. Brown
 Felix T. Goodman
 Dara Mahmoudi
 Verena M. Sonnleitner Soto
 Reed Wessling

Shreedhaarini Balamurugan
Jaylin Myca A. Bravo
Elijah J. Frazier
Scarlett V. Friesen
Lillian M. Fuller
Jude I. Garbes
Abraham Garcia
Margarita I. Garcia Hernandez
Alice W. Gitau
Angelica M. Guzman
Nathaniel J. Hoggard
Spencer B. Lanning
Tyler B. Leeson
Oliver F. Molina
Landon A. Moore
Riplee G. Norris
William P. Rinehart
Justin Rostad
Seena Sarkeshik
Nazik Semeteeva
Elijah E. Smith
Kaelyn A. Strom
Krista A. Vuylsteke