LWHS Yearbook Information 2022-2023



  1. We will have 3 sales windows this year. It is critical that you pay attention to the dates of the sales windows. If for some reason you purchase outside the dates, the system will default to whatever school in our district IS selling on that date which means you WILL NOT purchase an LW yearbook. 

    • NEXT SALES WINDOW: January 23 – February 13 

    • FINAL SALES WINDOW: Dates TBD (End of School Year) 

  2. Unlike middle school, a yearbook is NOT included in the purchase of ASB, keep in mind, it is a separate purchase 

  3. You can make a purchase online through the Payment Portal, here (January 23 – February 13) or you can purchase in person from the bookkeeper before school or during lunch with a check or cash. It is helpful to keep a record of your purchase, so you do not stress out when the reminder emails come 

  4. Remember if you have photos you would like to submit for use in the yearbook you can use this link:  

    • User ID: 0Ee_ZR4zGkLPmgLO5R-F6Ag 

LWHS Yearbook Masthead (2022-2023)

Editors:  Shams Al Khazaali, Sarvia Hernandez Lopez, Nya Maddox, Verena Sonnleitner Soto, Reed Wessling

Jillian R. Behrman
Hana R. Brooks
Cameryn K. Brown
Noelle G. Burianek
Kayla J. Creek
Chad C. Curtis-Ames
Miguel A. De Anda Rivera
Drew X. Fialho
Robert J. Galan-Gonzalez
Felix T. Goodman
Lila R. Grubaugh
Lucas J. Hall
Travis J. Knudsen
Jude S. Lewallen
Harrison J. Lloyd
Kevin I. Mex Canul
Robert A. Schrimsher